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  • "The Dahlia's I bought from you have been absolutely beautiful. Wish I had more room.""
    Howard H., Groveland MA
  • "All of the dahlias that I ordered are blooming beautifully. Gitty Up is my new favorite - interesting color combination and a little blooming machine. Thanks for providing such excellent tubers. A fan for life!"
    Richard P., Cincinnati, OH
  • "I wanted to tell you how wonderfully your dahlias are performing in my garden, despite the fact that they have had less than perfect conditions! I live in humid Georgia and all but the biggest bloomed plants are prolifically producing gorgeous flowers. I'm new to dahlias but they couldn't be easier or more rewarding. Thanks so much--"
    DEbra M., Roopville, GA
  • "Just wanted to say how happy I am with my dahlia order. They are huge, with lots of buds."
    Ione M., Clayton, CA
  • "I now understand why the reputation of Swan Island Dahlia is as it is. Our nation's leading Dahlia growing family stands behind your product like no other company. I am impressed and most pleasantly pleased with your response and actions. You've definitely secured another fan and promoter. Thank you!"
    Clayton S., Friendsville, TN
  • "Hi there. Just wanted to express my gratitude. I ordered Saturday, and received my order Tuesday. Very fast, and the tubers look very high quality."
    Terraka M., Milwaukie, OR
  • "I have been growing Swan Island dahlias for many years, and have many favorites. Too many, if you ask my wife. But I have to tell you that it is a privilege to share the earth with so lovely and perfect a flower as Sheer Heaven. Keep up the good work! You and your flowers bring joy to so many!"
    Craig T., Coeymans Hollow, NY
  • "Thank you for the amazing flowers.They arrived in perfect condition and followed directions for caring for them. They made fabulous arrangements for our party tomorrow evening. I will pass your name around for sure."
    Deb M., Canton, OH
  • "You are the most prompt plant supplier I have every dealt with in my 50+ years of gardening. The tubers look good and are in the ground."
    Annie T., Madison, VA
  • "Thank you. Not only do you have the best dahlia bulbs, you have great service!"
    Lynn K., Erie, PA
  • "Healthy tubers - packed great! Just want to thank you for good service & quality products. Have been customer several years & recommend highly. Thanks!"
    Janet M., Mt. Sterling, OH
  • "Great staff, prompt service, and friendly people. Thanks again"
    Diane M., Carrollton, VA
  • "Thank you very much. As always, your service is exceptionally wonderful as are your dahlias."
    Liz N., Sherwood, O
CHEYENNE - Item #605

Cheyenne - Item #605

Item Number:
Order August 1st for Spring 2021 Delivery

Product Description

CHEYENNE (BBLC) Introduced in 1975. 6" blooms of bright flame red with yellow, and petals that are deeply lacinated. A very showy dahlia. Plant height 4 1/2'. Late bloomer. Should do well in exhibition.
 **This product ships in the Spring.

Product Reviews

(6 Ratings, 4 Reviews) Average Rating:
Renee Bloom (Spokane, WA) 11/25/2018 10:01 PM
Love this dahlia. Color just as pictured. Did not vase well for me. I cut at different times of blooming, different times of the day and even tried the hot water method. Looks beautiful in my garden anyway.
Patricia Santana (Aptos, CA) 10/1/2017 2:54 PM
Love this one! It is so vibrant in color, and works great as a cut flower. Not super prolific, but gives enough blooms. Love to plant it next to Sassafras - that yellow goes really well with this fiery reddish orange.
She's one tough lady!
Tami Harmon (Kent, WA) 11/2/2015 1:20 AM
This is my second year with Cheyenne. I left the tubers in the ground last year and was sure the wet spring had rotted them. To my delight she performed very well this year. I do recommend keeping this one cut. It can get a bit tall and topple over if not cut often. Blooms lasted very well using the boiling water technique.
Dahlia Lover (Myrtle Creek, OR) 8/22/2012 8:43 PM
This is the first year I've grown Cheyenne, and the dahlia performed beautifully, although my flowers do not have quite as much yellow as pictured. I love the lacination and the size, though!! Great cut flower, showy in a vase by itself or in an arrangement. Only thing stopping me from 5 stars is not knowing how it will overwinter and perform next year.