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What our Customers are Saying

  • "The Dahlia's I bought from you have been absolutely beautiful. Wish I had more room.""
    Howard H., Groveland MA
  • "All of the dahlias that I ordered are blooming beautifully. Gitty Up is my new favorite - interesting color combination and a little blooming machine. Thanks for providing such excellent tubers. A fan for life!"
    Richard P., Cincinnati, OH
  • "I wanted to tell you how wonderfully your dahlias are performing in my garden, despite the fact that they have had less than perfect conditions! I live in humid Georgia and all but the biggest bloomed plants are prolifically producing gorgeous flowers. I'm new to dahlias but they couldn't be easier or more rewarding. Thanks so much--"
    DEbra M., Roopville, GA
  • "Just wanted to say how happy I am with my dahlia order. They are huge, with lots of buds."
    Ione M., Clayton, CA
  • "I now understand why the reputation of Swan Island Dahlia is as it is. Our nation's leading Dahlia growing family stands behind your product like no other company. I am impressed and most pleasantly pleased with your response and actions. You've definitely secured another fan and promoter. Thank you!"
    Clayton S., Friendsville, TN
  • "Hi there. Just wanted to express my gratitude. I ordered Saturday, and received my order Tuesday. Very fast, and the tubers look very high quality."
    Terraka M., Milwaukie, OR
  • "I have been growing Swan Island dahlias for many years, and have many favorites. Too many, if you ask my wife. But I have to tell you that it is a privilege to share the earth with so lovely and perfect a flower as Sheer Heaven. Keep up the good work! You and your flowers bring joy to so many!"
    Craig T., Coeymans Hollow, NY
  • "Thank you for the amazing flowers.They arrived in perfect condition and followed directions for caring for them. They made fabulous arrangements for our party tomorrow evening. I will pass your name around for sure."
    Deb M., Canton, OH
  • "You are the most prompt plant supplier I have every dealt with in my 50+ years of gardening. The tubers look good and are in the ground."
    Annie T., Madison, VA
  • "Thank you. Not only do you have the best dahlia bulbs, you have great service!"
    Lynn K., Erie, PA
  • "Healthy tubers - packed great! Just want to thank you for good service & quality products. Have been customer several years & recommend highly. Thanks!"
    Janet M., Mt. Sterling, OH
  • "Great staff, prompt service, and friendly people. Thanks again"
    Diane M., Carrollton, VA
  • "Thank you very much. As always, your service is exceptionally wonderful as are your dahlias."
    Liz N., Sherwood, O

We sell only top quality 1st grade A single division tubers (price is per tuber), fully guaranteed to grow, be true to name, and free from disease. We replant our fields each spring from the same stock we are selling. Guarantee covers the current season's orders, and we are not responsible for customer negligence, weather conditions, rodent damage, winter storage, or performance of plants in following seasons. Each tuber will produce a full size plant. All dahlias should emerge from the soil within 3-5 weeks after planting. For any dahlia that fails to emerge after 5 weeks, please dig it up and contact us immediately for further instructions, no later than August 1st of the same growing season. Please Do not dispose of any tubers or plants until you have contacted us. Any other concerns regarding your growing dahlias must be reported by October 1st of the same growing season. If you start your dahlias early or grow in containers we do not recommend using any type of soil with pre-added fertilizers or compost. Our customers are reporting fatal results when these enriched products are used to start their dahlias. We reserve the right to request the return of any failed dahlia(s), or photos of them, before replacements will be made. Replacements of the same variety will be sent the following spring at no charge, US orders only. NO CASH REFUNDS.

We offer single division dahlia tubers. All of our tubers come with a 100% guarantee to grow beautifully for you. Each price is based on the amount of stock available and is for 1 single dahlia tuber. Each single division tuber will produce a full size plant with many flowers and many more tubers for following seasons. Please make sure to give them lots of love and care so that they can grow properly for you – more information 

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Grown in the USA!
All of our tubers that we offer have been grown at our farm located in Canby, Oregon, USA. We are our very own supplier, unlike many companies in this industry. Buy USA grown dahlias first!

Pot roots vs. Single divisions
A single division tuber (99% of what we offer and what are planted each year in our fields) is a tuber that has been field grown to maturity divided, stored, and then packed with love and shipped out to you. A pot root is a dahlia cutting that has been forced in a greenhouse, partially grown and then dug up and sold. US growers/domestic grown dahlias will mainly be single division. Imported dahlias will be pot roots. Both will produce and grow beautifully for you. There should be no difference in growing one over the other.

Each dahlia tuber that is sent out is hand stamped with its name directly on it. Tubers may arrive packed together in the same bag so please be sure to open your bag and inspect your dahlia tubers carefully upon arrival. 

We begin shipping dahlia tubers March 1st through the first full week of June each season. No orders shipped prior to March 1st. Please see our shipping map for full details on your areas shipping times. Dahlia tubers are shipped at the earliest practical time for planting in their respective areas. We ship by Priority mail to ensure the best delivery of your dahlias. Shipping charges are determined by order total. If you need an exact or special shipping date please be sure to include an additional $5.00 to the standard cost of shipping along with the date you would like your order shipped out on (available March 1 - May 31). Please select this special date request in the checkout questions when completing your order online. Please note, we are not liable for orders shipped prior to your standard shipping time - this would be your responsibility. If an order is shipped to the address provided by the buyer and is returned by the Post office or the order is refused/returned to us for any reason a 25% re-stocking fee will apply prior to a refund being issued – shipping/handling charges are non-refundable. If an order is needing to be re-shipped shipping/handling charges will apply. Thank you! 

Orders are processed by date received. Payment must accompany all orders. We accept Check, Money order, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. Credit cards are charged out upon receipt just as your checks are deposited. This reserves your order as of this date. Please order early as our dahlias are sold on a first come first serve basis.  Non-sufficient funds – bad check fee is $25.00 for any checks returned to us by our bank.

Swan Island Dahlias employs family and friends who love dahlias, and grow dahlias as a hobby, and who enjoy sharing their knowledge with others. We welcome your questions and comments in continuing to improve our products and service. Family owned and operated for over 90 years.

Once you have placed an order online it may not be ammended by placing another order online. The only way to revise an order placed through the online ordering system is to call us toll free at 1-800-410-6540. All orders placed online will be invoiced and shipped seperately. We are unable to combine online orders. Please be sure to make any additions or order changes prior to February 15th to avoid any additional shipping charges.

Please see our Bonus Page (button to the left). Bonus gifts are valid on orders placed August 1-April 30 each season. Please note that bonus gifts are subject to change due to availability and do change each season. Bonus Gifts

Collections are a great way to save money - We offer pre-packaged collections for you to select from. These collections are packed up in advance in order to save you money - They cannot be changed.  Please note that collections are subject to change due to availability and do change each season.

Cancelled orders are subject to a $10.00 cancellation fee or 10% of your order, which ever is greater, to cover processing and restocking fees.

Customers having ordered from us in the past 4 years for US customers and 1 year for International customers will automatically receive a catalog each year in January. Due to such high postage costs our catalogs are only mailed within the US. So please be sure to watch your mailbox in January!

*Unfortunately, International shipping regulations are continually changing and shipping internationally has become very difficult. Please contact us prior to ordering to see if we can ship to your country.
All orders shipped outside the US require an Agriculture Inspection Phytosanitary Certificate at a charge of $50 per shipped order. We ship orders going outside the US on the 5th and the 20th of March and April each year. Shipping cost for orders shipping to Canada is $2.00 per tuber with a minimum of $39.95 per order and all other international orders shipping cost is $3.00 per tuber with a minimum of $39.95 per order. All orders must be placed at least 14 working days prior to the shipping date. 

Please be sure to specify which date you prefer in the comments section of the order form or while checking out online (no additional cost). International orders are shipped through the Postal Service by International Priority Mail. Once your order is received by your country's customs department it will be processed and released at their discretion. It may take 4-6 weeks for the package to clear customs and arrive. We are not responsible for any fees or taxes that your country may assess on your dahlias order. 

Please check with your country's customs department prior to placing an order to insure delivery of your dahlias. Some countries will require import permits to allow importation of our product. All international orders are subject to approval by the Oregon State Agricultural Department. We will do everything within our power to process and include all necessary paperwork required by your country. However, if your country should decide to hold, return, or destroy the dahlia tubers, this is completely out of our control. The Phyto Sanitary Certificate and shipping/handling charges are non-refundable. 

Any dahlia that fails to grow from your current spring order you received must be reported by October 1st of the same growing season. Any necessary replacement(s) would be shipped in your next order.

We stand behind everything that we sell and want our customers happy and satisfied. If for any reason you would like to return an order or items that you have received please contact us within 10 days of receipt of your order for return instructions & a return order number. If an order or items are returned to us without this information or returned past 30 days of receipt of the order – we will issue a merchandise credit. Once your order or items have been received by us we will issue a refund or merchandise credit for the amount of product purchased within 7-10 business days. A 25% re-stocking fee will apply, shipping and handling is non refundable.

For our local customers we offer pick up orders beginning April 1st through May each year. You may order by phone the same day or 1 business day in advance prior to your pick-up day. All orders placed in advance by mail, fax, and online will be shipped out automatically. We are open for pick-ups 9 am – 4 pm Monday-Friday. Closed Saturday and Sunday.

June & July: We are in and out of the office preparing our fields for opening on August 1st. The best way to reach us during these two months is by email and voicemail, allowing both you and us flexibility. 

August & September: NEW HOURS FOR 2020! Fields, Gift Shop, and Office are open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday 9am-6pm and Saturday & Sunday 10am-5pm. CLOSED WEDNESDAYS during August & September. Please understand that we are in need of field maintenance time and this closure was necessary for our farming purposes. Our property is now gated and fenced for security purposes.  

We offer fresh cut flowers mid-July through frost (usually the first week in October) each year, for local pick up and mid-July through September for shipping. To order cut flowers please call us at (503) 266-7711. We do not offer U-picks. If you are not specific on colors we have a great selection at our fresh cut self-serve stand for you to just drop by and purchase, limited to stock on hand, during our open hours. the self-serve stand is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Fridays from 9am-6pm and Saturday & Sunday from 10am-5pm. We are CLOSED WEDNESDAYS in August & September. 

Fresh cut dahlias may be shipped out for events. Minimum order for shipping is 12 bunches (120 stems/blooms). Please call for details or see cutflower page (top of web page) for more information.
In general the larger the bloom the longer the time for them to get blooming. 8-12" blooms will take approximately 120 days from planting to bloom time. Low growing and dwarf dahlias will take approximately 75 from planting to bloom time. All others will be blooming approximately 90 days after planting. Once they begin to bloom they will continue to bloom through frost. However, this time frame will vary depending on weather, water, and fertilizer given.
If something should be unavailable we will do our absolute best at making sure you are notified ahead of time. Please let us know when placing your order if something is unavailable would you prefer a refund or substitution? Make sure this is noted on your order at the time it is placed as we are unable to call or contact you later. We only substitute with a similar variety of dahlia, same or greater value. Thank you! 

Swan Island Dahlias has a unique way of labeling the tubers. You will find the variety name stamped on each individual tuber you receive, as seen in the photo. Your tubers will be packaged in the same bag, and you will be able to identify each tuber with the name on it. Some tubers will show sprouted eyes and others may have dormant eyes when you receive them. All tubers are guaranteed to grow and produce beautiful flowers.