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Welcome to America's largest dahlia grower. Family owned since 1927. We are proud to offer new and exclusive varieties, hybridized each year at our farm. We currently grow over 40 acres, featuring over 350 varieties of dahlias. You won't find a better selection of dahlia bulbs (tubers) anywhere. Let us help you start a beautiful dahlia tradition!
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Growing dahlias made easy

Growing DahliasYou'll find all the information you need for growing dahlias at Dahlias.com. In general, these beautiful flowers are planted in mid-April through May, when the ground temperature has reached about 60 degrees. They should be planted in a generally open, sunny location, except in hotter climates where some protection from afternoon sun is desirable. A low-nitrogen fertilizer is recommended within 30 days of planting and 3-4 weeks after that. If you're interested in detailed instructions for planting this glorious flower, be sure to read more at Dahlias.com. There you'll learn all you need to know about planting, storing dahlia bulbs, and having the best success possible.

Dahlia care is simple

Dahlia FlowersGrowing dahlias is relatively simple. They enjoy a sunny location, adequate water, and light fertilizer. The most common mistake in dahlia care is overfeeding, so be cautious not to be too heavy or too frequent with the fertilizer. Hand weeding is recommended, as herbicides will of course kill your desirable flowering plants as well as the weeds. At Dahlias.com, you can read more about preventive steps to control pests and other simple methods for growing your blooms to full potential.

Storing dahlia bulbs for next season

Many gardeners enjoy storing dahlia bulbs for next season's enjoyment. Tubers can simply be layered in crates or cardboard boxes with newspaper in between the layers. A storage medium such as lightly dampened peat moss, sand, or pet bedding is ideal for dahlia care. A cool, dry area is best for winter storage. You can learn more about preserving your tubers at Dahlias.com, so visit us there today.

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