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    Laurie G, MA
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    Pam T, WA
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CITRON DE CAP - Item #446

Citron De Cap - Item #446

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Product Description

CITRON DE CAP - (BLC) Introduced in 2001. Big, beautiful 7" blooms of the most delicate yellow with a dusting of rose blush over the petal tips. the blooms are as deep as they are wide. Heavily lacinated petals give the flowers an extremely lacey appearance, which can be striking in arrangements as well as in the garden. Although the 4' plant produces enough stems to cut and has long lasting flowers, it is better suited for exhibition and should win lots of ribbons. Should do well in exhibition. Recommended as a cut flower.
 This product ships in the Spring.

Product Reviews

(6 Ratings, 3 Reviews) Average Rating:
Beautiful blooms, weak stems
Evelyn Rauscher (New Haven, CT) 4/29/2015 10:25 AM
I bought this dahlia 3 years ago & have enjoyed this flower in many bouquets. In my garden, the tips turn lavender, not rose and I agree with a previous reviewer that the lacinated petals make for a dramatic addition. The problem is in the many offshoots that also produce flowers. They break very easily in winds over 15 mph which is common along the coast here in the Northeast. My solution after 3 years of frustration was to put a tomato cage around this plant after it reached 1 1/2 feet. This solved our problem but not after losing 3-4 stems to winds that the other dahlias easily tolerated. I have divided this dahlia, sharing with friends and family & have warned them about the stems. We'll see what happens by summers' end. Good Gardening!
Great dahlia
Lucy Dean (Creston, OH) 6/8/2013 5:02 PM
Citron is a very close runner-up to Hissy Fitz as my favorite yellow. I actually prefer Citron's color, but in my experience,Hissy has been more prolific.
So Happy!
Dahlia Lover (Myrtle Creek, OR) 12/2/2012 1:34 AM
I thought this dahlia had died in the ground, and I was very sad because it is such a lovely, prolific bloomer and the flower, with the lacination, is so delicate and dreamy looking. However, I was very happily surprised to see it blooming one day. It had, apparently, grown sideways before breaking ground because it came up so far away from where I had planted it that it bloomed in the middle of another plant! This dahlia makes wonderful cut flowers, and was the star of my dahlia garden last year. I just had to be careful because the blooms were so big, lush and heavy that the stems would bend and be crushed if I didn't keep cutting the flowers as they opened. Since I like loads of flowers in my house, this wasn't a problem for me...