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  • "Thank You! I ordered a little later than I normally do and some things were sold out- but that doesn't matter because I can never go wrong with anything I choose from you guys! I think I may have been a customer for over 12 years! Cheers!"
    Laurie G, MA
  • "I received my first order. I am very impressed with both your product, your shipping and how personable and helpful your customer service person was. I will certainly recommend you business to my gardening friends."
    Pam T, WA
  • "I have been buying dahlias from you for three years now and each year, the plants have been more wonderful. The flowers are magnificent and your service is top notch. I am really glad I found your company. Long live dahlias!"
    Marge P, OH




Singles, Semi Doubles, Collarettes and Anemones


  • S: Single- Single row of flat petals surrounding a disc.
  • SD: Semi-Double- Two or more rows of petals surrounding a disc.
  • CO: Collarette- One row of flat or slightly cupped petals surrounding a disc. These flowers have an inner set of petaloids generally generally multiple and irregular forming a collar around the disc.
  • AN: Anemone- One or more rows of petals surrounding a dense group of colored, elongated disc florets.
  • MS: Mignon Single - single row of petals, with a flower diameter under 2"



Orchid & Peony
  • O: Orchid Type- Open centered flowers with one of ray florets surrounding a disc. The florets involute for two-thirds or more of their length. Usually partially overlapping.
  • PE: Peony type- Open centered flowers with two or more rows of petals surrounding a disc. Petals may be irregularly formed.



  • WL: Waterlily- Closed center with multiple rows of ray florets normally broad and flat or slightly incurved, depth usually less that one half the diameter.



  • ST: Stellar- decorative shaped flowers with petals being creased causing them to be narrow and involute with a slight recurve to the stem.



Size Codes

Size codes denote the approximate size of dahlia blooms that the tuber will produce. The sizes and their codes are: 

  • AA: Flowers over 10" or more
  • A: Flowers 8" to 10" across
  • B: Flowers 6" to 8" across
  • BB: Flowers 4" to 6" across
  • M: Flowers up to 4" across
  • P: Flowers up to 2" across